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Monthly Archives: February 2010


These cat tails are kind of a cool addition, but overall their towering hight got into every one of my shots and ended up being slightly distracting. In a way i really like it though, its different!!

An engine that was chilling on this barge that i snuck my way onto.

This is a cool shot of some cat tails and the power plant smoke stake, if the trees weren’t there, this would be a def. seller!!

After a good reading session I found some helpful advice for getting sharper photos, and some pointers on shooting in lower light. Here are the results, although to shoot in lower light, thats is with out the spotlight, I’m afriad i will  need better gear!

After doign some reasearch on I-stock photo, i found a lot of great pictures. I also found that i need to start working more on geting the correct levels on everything, so here is a picture where I tried to get everything right, I still have a lot of work and reasearch to do.

I took some photos tonight at our ash Wednesday service. I am trying to improve my photography of people, It is not my strong suit. I had a very bad night of photog, all of my shots with the flash on where terrible, but I was still able to get some pretty cool shots when i took it off. Evan is my roommate, a good friend, a good worship leader, and he was also lit very well! this post goes out to Evan, good job buddy!

Finally I did it, I cant wait to get more shots to get better looking HDR’s, thanks Photomatixs!!

This one turned out better, still not there entirely, but I will continue to study!

I feel  like i am starting to get the basics down of HDR, however there is still so much to learn, I achieved the right effect with the ground leading up to the lighthouse, however i am still not there with the contrast from the lighthouse to the sky! I will figure it out, just means i get to play more!