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Nate Was asked ot speak at Baccalaureate, and he wanted me to make a movie that put lyrics to the song “waiting on the world to change” by john Mayer. I did so and here it is.



  1. willis, video is awesome! love it.

    caught one typo at 1:03-ish. it says “thier” and should say “their”.

    it’s really great man. good work.

    • Thanks Dan,

      It comes to non surprise that i had that spelling error, I had to read your comment four times to see a difference between the two, I kept saying “they are the same!!” hahahahahaha. There is another one at after the long break it says we’er instead of we’re. Im glad those where the only typos, I finished it at 4:10 I needed to be at the school at 4!!


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