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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Nate Was asked ot speak at Baccalaureate, and he wanted me to make a movie that put lyrics to the song “waiting on the world to change” by john Mayer. I did so and here it is.


Hey everyone, thanks for following along with the sketch book, I enjoy what i do, and I enjoy it when people can follow along. I have been doing a lot of work this year that has had guidelines, due dates, and must incorporate a certain theme. I enjoy doing this because it gives me a direction, and clear end point. However I have been in the mood lately to just create! therefore i just started to add elements to a blank canvas, and In a few weeks maybe months I will have a completed project. I have not approached this with any strategy or mental picture, i have just been looking through stock photos and when i like something I’m going to add it. Well see where it ends up, for the time being i will post jpeg,s of it at random points so you can follow along and see what develops.

here are my first two jpeg’s

hand1 copyhand1.1

I would have liked to spend more time working on the logo for LMCC, however due to a busy week i only had about three or four hours to make adjustments to there logo. Here is what they wanted for the second draft:

-more urban

-Person going from woods to city (oops)

-less cheesy cross

here is what i came up with

Second Draft copy