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I was just contracted to create a logo for a christian camp in Pittsburgh. I have spent a few hours sketching out ideas, and here is the first logo i have come up with.

Here are a couple of things they wanted:

-The logo is supposed to incorporate the camps main logo, which is a cross in between the city and the woods. (

-She wanted the logo to also incorporate the theme for this year and say something about it being the first year of the camp.

-She also wanted motion,something that suggested from the city to the woods.

-the age group they are serving are kids from 8 to 12.

with all that in mind let me know what you think, does this achieve the image they are looking for?

Criticism is welcomed!

Is everything spelled right?




  1. I think this does a great job of communicating what was desired and will reach out to the correct audience. The only thing I was wondering about is adding color?

    • Yes i would agree it could use a splash of color! Another challenging part of this design was variety of things they want to place the logo on. I actually purposely made it one color, so it would be cheaper to place on t-shirts, watterbottels, Frisbee, etc.

      I’m sure they will be able to use a couple of colors on t-shirts and such, what colors do you think should be in the design? What would make it complete?

      Thanks for the comment Greta!

  2. I understand why you only used one color and I like the color that you chose. After I first looked at it, I thought the trees would be cool in green (obviously), but then I realized that if you color the trees, you’d have to color everything.

    So you had the decision to go all out and color everything or go monochromatic. I think you made the right choice.

    What would you think about making “LMCC Inaugural Year” in a different size font so it’s not a block of words?

    • Thanks for input Kelsey, I would agree about the color deal. If i was allowed to do multiple colors the design might even look different, i think i would add more detail, however I like how simplistic it turned out.

      I definitely think i do need to spend a little more time playing with the text, i am not happy with it right now, and its good to know that someone else is noticing it to. i will have to play with it and see if i can come up with a better option.

      Thanks for your comment!

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