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I had a cool idea in mind for a graphic for our series, Blind Dating. I worked on my idea for several hours, and really do not like the outcome. It turned out to be completely different. now I’m in the stage of deciding if i like it enough to turn it into a grpahic or start over. thoughts?




  1. hey dude…I like this graphic a lot. I think it says a lot with out being real busy and distracting. It also leaves or, better yet, produces a lot of questions. the only thing i would ask is what did you want the graphic to communicate?

    • Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t gotten a lot of details as far as exactly where we are going with this series so i wanted something that would stretch across a spectrum. The idea of the hand grasping the heart was an attempt to show the negative side of careless dating, and sexuality. I was hoping that the rawness of the heart hanging out there would get that point across without having to really say anything. I like the style of hand drawing becasue it feels more organic. I would like to add some faded, light doodles on the paper, so it kind of looks like a love letter you would pass to someone. This is just a classic example of my high expectation for what my work should look like, and what it turns out looking like haha.

  2. if that is what you were aiming for then i think you nailed it…I love the hand squeezing the heart…that is what grabbed my attention. other than maybe the script to give the feel of a love letter i would leave it. wait a minute what if you added some drops of blood in the shape of tears? this might bring in the emotional pain connected to bad relationship decisions

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