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Monthly Archives: February 2009

We had a meeting about camp this week, and where sent the graphic for this year. It really wasnt a very good logo, i coudl see the theme they where going for, but it did not play out to being a good look for camp. So i made up another attempt at a space themed brochure cover with the title Risk Everything. Im sure there will be revisions, b its three in the mornign and i need to go to bed!



It is official i am famous! well okay maybe I’m not famous…at all, but the awesome internet TV show, Church media design used one of my backgrounds on their show. To check out the show and my background go to .

Also I have found that original instincts are there for a reason! I knew i loved my idea for the Blind Dating design, but was very disappointed with the actual outcome. I knew i needed to try a couple more things so i finally made some changes to make the picture in my head match what was reaching the screen. Here is the new and improved Graphic for our series on Dating.


After looking at it for hours, i decided to make a couple of small changes. Here is what i came up with, if its approved I am comfortable usign it, but i am not 100 pleased with it. If necessary i will be doing another.


I had a cool idea in mind for a graphic for our series, Blind Dating. I worked on my idea for several hours, and really do not like the outcome. It turned out to be completely different. now I’m in the stage of deciding if i like it enough to turn it into a grpahic or start over. thoughts?