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Monthly Archives: January 2009

After looking at it for a coupe of hours, i have decided to make a simple change. I think this is the final! i also have a really cool log in mind four our next dating series titled, (Blind Dating), look for that to come soon!! thanks for stopping bye!



Today i was able to lock myself in my room and work on a design for our day at Pando! I wanted ti to look like the brochure i just made for green, becasue they are both retreats. The reason i wanted them to be similar is to help visualy bridge the gap between our high school and middle school ministry. This design took me several hours, and in the end its not really what i excpected. I think it looks good, im just not sure that it would be my first pick for the event.


When i got to my office after posting the previous graphic i realized that my colors where way off. I also noticed that it still needed something to help it pop. So when i got home i worked on it for a few more minutes and made these revisions, i think this is much better!!


I finally got the opurtunity to do some design. We need promotional material for our retreats, therofre it gave me a good excuse to lock myself in my room for a little while, and work on some technuiques that I have been wanting to play with for a while. i was very happy with how it turned out. green3d_good_2-copy

I created this Game slide for a game we where supposed to do last night called “Hey Wha Happened”, basically i show clips of a you tube video. Right before the person is about to do somethign realy stupid the video pauses and four options apear. The contestent need to guess what happens next in the video. Does the lady fall and break her neck, does she trip and start squealing like a pig, does she keep walkign with no problems, or does a space midget come and tackle get the point. I found a really funny sound bite that for some reason is ALWAYS running through my head. This morning I just kept playign it and laughing to myself, herfore i thought i would share it with all of you. If you can tell me what movie the soundbite is taken from i will owe you a candy bar or a soda!

This month is jam packed, and i havn’t had any time to design. I hope this breaks soon!! I am in the works of designing a background to enter into a competition but i Havent even finished a tire yet….. not good!!

I like to put a lot of time into a series graphic, because so any parts of our series will utilize the main peice. Here is an example of how i use the series graphic in a couple of different ways to help tie in the theme of the series throughout the entire night. It includes an announcement slide, and a countdown clock the original graphic is a few posts below. Also i learned how to do the countdown from CMD TV, and from watching several tutorials on videocopilot. Great resources check em out!!

P.S. I love you

sorry i just watched that movie, it was good but really depressing!

Real P.S. the youtube video is screwed up but you get the idea, fast forward to the end, i put a cool little transition in.


Here are potential finals for BEP, or Big Event Photo. (name change) the logo on wight is a potential banner, and the blue back is my idea for a t-shirt color scheme.




Well as much as I loved doing the projects like the dash graphic and the desktop GTI from below, there are certain graphics that i just can’t spend that kind of time on. It is a reality i have to live with, creating quick graphics that is. Unfortunately when you rush your designs they loose a tremendous amount of creativity. With that said here are the two graphics i had to make during the busyness of today. The game graphic might be one of the worst graphics i have ever done. But it will have to work, I simply don’t have any more time.


I really love the VW GTI, so i made one to put on my desktop!