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I had to make a graphic for a game tomorrow, The fun thing about my job is htat i get to create a lot of graphics. The downside is that they need to be done quick. I have done pretty well at adapting to these time constrants, here is a design i did in an hour and a half. If this was for a series i think i would tweak it more and play with some more effects, but for a 10 min game this will do just fine! hope you like? chair

After i uploaded the chair graphic i noticed that the red lettering was hard to read. Therfore i switched the color, what do you think? which do you like better?




  1. keep up the great work Mike!!! I love it!!! I wish I did more than design grocery ads, sometimes – nothing cutting edge here, and I don’t have much time to practice what I do. Perhaps after the holidays … hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You really have a knack for this design stuff. I like the red wording better – it flows better, tho you can see the green easier.

    • Thanks Heidi! If you would like to see how other people are using hte toolbox we have been given go to PSD TUTS. They have a couple of tutorials that are really good, and display some pretty advance techniques and creative ways to use simple things.

      I would actually completely agree with you, I created the “Chair” Text in Red because it was more aesthetically pleasing. The shame is that our projectors at church darken the images so much that you wouldn’t have been able to read it. When i put the image up with the green lettering you couldn’t see half of the background detail. ah well. It comes down to a time thing, which I’m sure your more than with femilure, If there was more time, i would have changed more elements to match and stick out. I guess its a good thing to keep in mind at the start of projects.

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