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With every art, profession, hobby, talent and interest you need to study and practice. In order to become a better designer I am constantly reading, and watching tutorials on how to do different techniques. I couldn’t sleep so i decided to see what i could find on PSD Tuts, and i found a really cool tutorial. This image may appear to be a photo, or it might look like i might have cut something out of a photo. However this is not the case. This image was all done in photoshop, with exception of the photo inside the frame. I created everything from the frame to the wallpaper. I would love to say i did it all on my own, however I relied heavily on the instruction’s of the tutorial. it was a complex process and i learned a lot about different layer style’s. In the end i was left with a pretty cool image, that i can say i created from the ground up!



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  1. Lovely work. Wonderful skill has been shown here. I’m looking for those with skill similar to yours.

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