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Monthly Archives: December 2008

My dad asked me to design some logos for his new business he is starting with some friends. Its called Big Event Imaging, and they basically take pictures at big events, then they upload the pictures to a server, people look at the pictures on a computer screen and then they can pay to have a picture of there choosing printed out. Here is one of the ideas that made it off from my sketch pad. This is a logo that can be put onto a banner or a business card. I also designed a quick shirt, i though it would be cool if the photographers wore a “shoot” shirt, and then there was a sign on the computers saying “choose” and then a sign on the printers that said  “print:. It would tie everything together and help make the whole process make sense to people. We will see if they like the idea, if not back to the sketch pad. What do you think?




Today i sent in the final jpeg’s to Guy in Pittsburgh. He liked the “element try 1” logos from below. Its nice when you nail it on one of  the first try’s!! I cleaned it up a little and gave him a couple of different variations. here are a couple of my favorites.




My sister needed me to design her a business card for school, so i took the chance to play with the pen tool. It’s a pretty clean design. below is the front and back.


I created a unique design for the potential Element logo. I really dont think they will pick it, becasue it is far from being finished, and will probably take several hours to tweak and make it really cool! I was going for a juno/comic book sketch type of a feel. the thing i like about a hand made sketched logo is that you can do so many different unique things with it! Use your imagination becasue it could be really cool. what do you think?


At last i finally received a wacom tablet powerful enough to fit my needs! Before i had a small graphire tablet, that was 4×6 , and it was not very accurate. It was very tough to achieve any sort of detail with such a small working area. The new tablet i received for Christmas is nearly twice the size with a drawing surface of 6×11 which is perfect for my 26″ monitor!! I haven’t had a really good amount of time to bring it through its paces, but i quickly tried it out to see its power. Here are a couple of sketches I quickly did to see how well the new tablet handled detail. I truly think this will help me to make some of my more intricate designs come to life.


I received a call from my new friend, Guy, in pittsburg, and he wanted to hire me for some freelance work. They have a district retreat coming up, and he needs logos for it. This is my first set of designs, and i still have a couple more ideas in the sketch book that i need to commit to digital art. I will post those very shortly, let me know what you think, what do you like, what would you do differently. thanks for the input.


I had to do a couple quick graphics this week. one was a postcard for our sledding party. I was told, we need a postcard to be sent out today, which gave me about an hour to make one before i had to go take an exam, here is what I came up with.


The next thing I had to do was for a game this Wednesday. I had to create a graphic for our Hollywood squares rip off, so i whipped something together, its simple but I think it turned out good, for a game slide. crisp and clean!


It seams that these last couple of days have been busy with both work and friends. It seem’s like when im not sleeping people are at my house hanging out, and playing video games. My house has become the fun spot, which if you know me, is very welcomed. The only downside is that i have not been able to spend the quality time at the computer that I like, therfore i have not come up with anything of great design quality. I was on the threedless website yesterday, and decided that it ismy goal to have a shirt sell on their site. So im sure I will be posting some potential t-shirt designs any day now. Right now all of my ideas are going into my sketch book and soon i will sketch them into the computer!!

+7 call in the dogs


I had to make a graphic for a game tomorrow, The fun thing about my job is htat i get to create a lot of graphics. The downside is that they need to be done quick. I have done pretty well at adapting to these time constrants, here is a design i did in an hour and a half. If this was for a series i think i would tweak it more and play with some more effects, but for a 10 min game this will do just fine! hope you like? chair

After i uploaded the chair graphic i noticed that the red lettering was hard to read. Therfore i switched the color, what do you think? which do you like better?


I really enjoyed the tutorial i did yesterday, so today i decided to find another by the same person. The apple tutorial didn’t stick out to me, however I knew i would learn a lot about the different methods he used to create super real lighting. The apple below is what i created from following along with the tutorial, I don’t claim it as my own, although it was made in my photoshop and by my hands. I hope to be able to do designs this complex with just looking at the object, but right now i need to continue studying the different techniques to get there. Creating this apple i used 15 different layers, with two or three different layer styles added to each. It is a complex process but creates an amazing result. kudos to Eren for creating breathtaking tutorials!!