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I had to work hard to get some shots today, muskegon is generally an un-inspiring place, but i guess it is a practice in creativity!


Ecelesia needed another graphic therefore i put the new mac to work. I was able to crank this out in about 4 hours, this would have taken me 10 at least on the pc, sweet!

Here is one cool shot from today, i have a few more but cs4 is not working correctly right now, so i will have to figure it out.

I love my new camera, I was able to sneak around this factory, and snapped a few cool shots.

I disobayed some laws to get some cool shots sunday, unfotunately i went through about 300 photos before i realized my camera was still on an ISO of 3200. which means my pictures all turned out really bad, however with some time in photoshop I turned them into somewhat okay.

Today was a disapointing day for pictures. Nothing turned out very well, but i kept shooting anyways. The sky was amazing, and i just wasn’t able to capture it well today, but thats what practice is all about!

I ended up taking 380 shots of this power plant during different points in the sunset. I ended up with a cool view of this light power plant at three points of the sunset. Which is your favorite?

These cat tails are kind of a cool addition, but overall their towering hight got into every one of my shots and ended up being slightly distracting. In a way i really like it though, its different!!

An engine that was chilling on this barge that i snuck my way onto.

This is a cool shot of some cat tails and the power plant smoke stake, if the trees weren’t there, this would be a def. seller!!

After a good reading session I found some helpful advice for getting sharper photos, and some pointers on shooting in lower light. Here are the results, although to shoot in lower light, thats is with out the spotlight, I’m afriad i will  need better gear!